Help A Learner Driver

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Welcome to Help A Learner Driver where you are going to help a learner driver :-

  • Pass their driving test faster

  • Save a lot of money by needing fewer lessons

  • Get confident driving in all sorts of road conditions


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Course Structure

4 Lessons


You don't want to get in trouble with the police when you go practicing, do you ?

Find out all about the legalities and responsibilities before you go driving.


Welcome to Help A Learner Driver

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IMPORTANT – Get your insurance sorted first

Find out the best way and more than likely the cheapest way of insuring a learner driver.

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Before You Drive

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8 Lessons

Lets Get Driving

Now you have understood the legalities and basics its time to get out and do some dri.ving.

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5 Lessons

The Driving Test

The UK driving test ! Its dead easy to pass and even easier to fail. Lets make sure you no rules before you start.

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2 Lessons

Almost there.

Thats just about it, one more main step to go .... YOUR TEST.

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